Collection Options

When it comes to collecting your scrap wires and non-ferrous materials we have two options.

Option One

We offer a mobile pickup service where one of our trucks will come meet you wherever it is convenient. Our truck is equipped with all the necessary scales for precision valuations of your wires so you know you’re getting the most money for your wires back into your pockets.

Option Two

For customers with large scale or ongoing projects, we offer a bin drop-off and collection service. Our bin service is simple to use and our customers love it. We’ll drop off exactly the size bin you need for all your scrap wires and all you have to do is let us know when to come pick them up. As with all of our services, we pay cash on the spot with each pickup.

No Amount of Scrap Wire or Non-Ferrous Materials is Too Large!

Large Scale or Ongoing Projects?

Have a renovation project coming up?

Give us a call and we’ll tell you what wires we buy so your renovation budget can go even further!

Not sure if the scrap you have is worth anything?