Mobile Scrap Wire Pick-Up Service

Scrap Wire Buyer Inc.

We are an eco-friendly family owned business that has been helping businesses in the Greater Toronto Area get paid to recycle. Whether it’s one big box or a small mountain of wires, we buy it all and will pay you cash to recycle.

What We Do

We are custom scrap wire and other non-ferrous materials recyclers focused on copper and aluminum wires. Unlike traditional scrap yards, Scrap Wire Buyer pays top dollar for your scrap wires. We will meet you at your location, weigh your wire, and pay you cash on the spot.

Why Choose Scrap Wire Buyer Inc.

We are mobile, fair, and fast. We know that you work hard for your money and at Scrap Wire Buyer we take measures to ensure you always receive the fair and accurate price. We routinely test and calibrate our scales so that when we weigh your wires you get paid exactly what it’s worth and not one cent less.

Avoid long scrapyard lines and protect your vehicle from flat tires. We come to you so you never have to worry about picking up a nail driving through a scrapyard and you will never wait in line.

Paid cash on the spot! No need to deposit checks or wait for online transfers to clear.

We Supply the Bins & Pickup

We provide mobile wire pickups and collection bin services. We strive to make the pickup as easy as possible and are happy to work with you and around your schedule.

What Our Customers are Saying